Sunday, August 1, 2010

dikala bosan itu menghampiri

venue:::my tidy bedroom


activity:::looking forward for the incoming fasting month


hye then, since when i dunno the last tyme i put on an entry. feels like it is so long i havent post anything here. sigh…today is 1st of august and i tend to be a little worry about my difficulties that will be faced soon. this is due to limitation of oil supply to our school. and yes, my school generate electricity using 2 huge engine and the gomen has put on limitation on the oil. neither accept it nor not, i have to face the reality that we will soon operate electricity on 12 hours based system. hmmm….sound so terrible eh? but that is a must. we have no other option to settle this problem. there will b a long day without electricity..hmmm…


that is me, spastically and purposely make my face that way to cheer others maybe…hehe…and i like this pics so much…the picture was taken at the entrance of jusco kinta city ipoh. the picture was too dark at first and i tend to repair it and put a purplish tone into it. nice huh?hehe



view from dark angle, iso at 800 and i found the lighting even better. this is the dewan RMT.



the children is playing TUJU TIN…a tradition kampung entertainment among children during my childhood.