Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ngajat Dance









Ok then, today The Face honourably present to the fellas some colloctions of ngajat dance, the cultural dance from hulu (rural) Sarawak…their female attire mostly were completed and sticthed with colourfull beads and usually design to create such images of plants and flowers. the man attire usuallu made up of animal skins such as goat skin, they will wear a wearing on their head that made up of feathers of Kenyalang bird. the man dancer also will hold parang and shields that specially crafted uniquely.


the steps of Ngajat is based on the dance of KEnyalang Bird during mating season i guess…haha!


The Face luckily snaps this photos during their excellence day of this school.


The Face:::I found that there is so many expressions in my lil hard disc drive…hehe~