Thursday, March 11, 2010

holiday is comin'

tomorrow will be d day for me to return to my hometown. 3 months im in the air, the place of unreachable. the hope, the miss, the moment will come for me to return to my own place. how's penang? how's peninsular? i wonder wut do they look like...are they juz doin fine while im far away from them?

how's sushi king? how's my favour oltown? how all of u? i miss my family, i miss my place, i miss all the faces that i had ever leave before.

but of course i will miss my pupils as im there in penang. wut will they do? everyday everyone of them are growing in front of my eyes, everyday i take care of them more than i look after me myself.

dun waste your holiday my children. the book, wut u've learnt are not to be waste and to be forgotten.

y'all will hurt my feelings most if u lose wut u hv learnt...

i love my hometown,
i love my family,
i love my children that growing in front of my eyes...
see u when i see u~